PhenQ Hong Kong

PhenQ Hong KongRecent damning research conducted in Hong Kong has shown that 50% of HongKongers aged 15 and above are overweight or obese. The research found out that more than 86% of the people were consuming excess salt, nearly 50% had high cholesterol and almost 60% suffered from conditions related to being overweight. Are you in Hong Kong and part of these statistics? Are you looking to live a healthy life and attain the body of your dreams? Then there is a solution for you and the many people in Hong Kong. This solution is called PhenQ which is a weight loss supplement. This supplement is unlike many others in the market. Read on to discover more about PhenQ and how it can help you attain the body of your dreams real quick.

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What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a revolutionary weight loss supplement that has been in the market for quite some time now. The supplement comes in form of pills. Two pills have to be taken daily for the best results while using PhenQ. PhenQ is a premium product because it is made using only high quality and potent ingredients. The ingredients have been meticulously chosen and researched for a long time. They have then been blended to produce the strongest weight loss formula in the market today. PhenQ is also prepared in state of the art and approved manufacturing labs which ensures the consistency of the product produced.

Ingredients in PhenQ

It is important to note that PhenQ doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients but rather it is formulated using high quality natural ingredients. The ingredients in PhenQ include; α – Lacy’s Reset which is a secret formula which has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective at weight loss, capsimax powder – which is a blend of piperine, caffeine, niacin and capsicum, calcium carbonate – which has been shown to help the body store less fat and maintain a healthy weight, chromium picolinate – which reduces your cravings for carbs and sugars, caffeine – which raises your metabolism and keeps you alert, nopal – which helps to control your hunger pangs and L-Carnitine Furmarate which helps your body turn stored fats into energy.PhenQ Hong Kong

How does it work?

PhenQ is a 5 in 1 supplement that offers you the benefits of five ordinary weight loss pills. To ensure that you do not put in more calories than your body needs, the supplement suppresses your appetite. This means also you will tend to eat every time you have a craving or get cravings every so often. Another thing that PhenQ does which ensures you lose weight quickly is that it puts your body in a fat burning mode. When your body is in that mode you can be sure to burn the stored fat in the body which is what causes you to gain weight. PhenQ supplement is not done with you just yet. It goes further to boost your energy. This means that you will not get carbs and sugar cravings that many people get when they start dieting. While at the supplement improves your mood and stops formation of fats in the body meaning you will not gain weight while using.

Does it really work?

Many of the weight loss supplement in the market just throw around promises but deliver nothing. However with PhenQ things are different in that there are clinical studies that have been conducted to test the efficacy of the supplement. One such study was conducted on a number of people both men and women for a period of 3 months. It was shown that PhenQ’s potent formula is able to deliver results even in those that were not engaging in any physical activity, although the results are better for those that engage in physical activity. This is because the supplement raises the body’s thermogenesis and metabolism rates to ensure that you keep burning fat throughout the day whether you are working out or not.

In this study it was shown that the least amount of fat the people lost was 7.24% in that period. These people also lost a minimum of 3.44% of the weight they started with. This has not been achieved by any other supplement out there. The participants were also able to see an increase in their lean muscle mass of about 3.80% from the start of the program. This shows you that with PhenQ you do not only lose weight but you develop lean muscle to attain your desired physique.

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How to use PhenQ

PhenQ is easy to use and can be incorporated into the schedule of the busiest people in Hong Kong with ease. You are only required to take two pills one in the morning and the other with lunch. Taking the pills with your meals makes it easy to remember and it might also serve as a reminder to you to have a healthy lunch.

Side effects of PhenQ

PhenQ as stated earlier is made of premium and high quality natural ingredients which makes it a safe supplement. It can be taken by adults both male and female. It should however not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. If you are under prescribed medication, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before you take PhenQ so you can be advised of any contraindications. It is also recommended that you take the last pill with your lunch and avoid taking the supplement late in the evening as contains caffeine which can interrupt your sleeping patterns. Never take more than the recommended dose of PhenQ. PhenQ is safe and free of any life threatening side effects associated with the other low class weight loss supplements supplied in the market.

If you are in Hong Kong and looking for a weight loss supplement that can help you achieve your desired body and health goals then PhenQ is the way to go. It is natural and free of side effects. It is also highly effective and has been scientifically proven to be effective at helping in weight loss. With PhenQ you also develop lean muscle which is a plus in acquiring an athletic and well-built body you will be proud of.